Tibetan Wedding

As a minority in China, Tibetan has its own culture which is maintained well. Tibetan normally lives in Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan and Qinghai provinces. Different regions enjoy different customs. Marriage is an important issue in a family. In a Tibetan family, the wedding customs normally has very strict rules. Here we can divided the Tibetan Marriage customs into the following steps:
For all the ethics, proposal is the first step for a marriage. Traditionally, if two people fall in love with each other. Before the man proposal, he will ask the girl’s age, date of birth and her zodiac attribute to check if they are match his. If all matches, the man will get a matchmaker and find a good day to the girl’s family to make a proposal with gifts. If the girls’ family accept those gifts, it means they agree.
When both side agree this marriage, they will choose a good day to make and sign the engagement.  In the engagement ceremony, the boy’s family need prepare Khatag and some decent gifts for the girl’s family. Meanwhile, the girl’s family also need prepare delicious Tibetan food for the boy’s family. During engagement, the boy and the girl don’t need to attend. There just need both side’s families and a witness. And they will choose the suitable day to held the wedding ceremony.
Wedding Ceremony
In the wedding day, the groom will find a well-respected man to take a group of people and colorful arrows decorated with mirrors, jades and jewels, along with a finely decorated horse of pregnancy whose color match the bride's birth pet to bride's house. When the bride is leave to the groom’s house, some of her families will escort her. When they arrives, the groom’s family need to decorated gate and prepare a carpet for the bride. When they walk in to their wedding house, there are some special customs for get off the horse, enter the gate and walk to the hall etc. after all these, they will start offer the food and drinks for the gifts. They will also dancing and singing to show their happiness.