Birding Tour in Western Sichuan, Paradise of Birds


Chengdu Arrival


Chengdu-Mt. Wawu Shan

Leaving Chengdu we will drive to south across the Chengdu Plain making tour to Mt. Wawu Shan via City of Meishan, which is with a record of 278 species of birds. Today we will stay in a hotel located on the halfway to the top.


Mt. Wawu Shan

We will take cable cars to the top of Mt. Wawu Shan. On the summit we will find Gray-hooded and Fulvous parrotbills and Sichuan Treecreeper. Lower down, the mountain was alive with the endemic Emei Liocichla, Golden Parrotbills, the scarce Emei Leaf-Warber, and unforgettable Lady Amherest’s Pheasants. 


Mt. Wawushan

We will keep birding in the forest situated on the mountain slopes, which give us a second chance to enjoy beautiful birds on Mt. Wawu Shan. This night we will stay in the same hotel located on the halfway to the top.


Mt. Wawu Shan-Kangding

Today we will head west through deep valleys and narrow gorges to Kangding after we climb over Mt. Erlang Shan.


Kangding-Phang Mo Gling

Today we keep heading west to Phang Mo Gling at an altitude of 4,100m, the highlight of this journey.


Phag Mo Gling

Today we search birds near the monastery, meanwhile we can appreciate the beautiful landscape nearby and we even able to see snow-capped Mt. Holu Yala, one of the four holy mountains in the Tibetan world, shining in the sun in the sunn in the far north if we are lucky enough. Today we will stay at the lama’s guesthouse.


Phag Mo Gling

The second day we will spend the whole day on seaqrching birds along a path hiding in wood and bushes. This gives us a chance to find more birds and probably you will find White Wagtail, beautiful Rose-finch, White-browed Rose-finch, etc.


Phag Mo Gling- Yajing

We head west to town of Yajiang and it is a easy day and this gives us some time to take a break for the further journey. Night in Yajiang.


Yajiang- Danba

Leaving Yajiang we will head east back to Xinduqiao, then north to Danba via the great Tagong Grassland. Night at Danba.



In the morning we will make a tour to Tibetan village where you can have a personal talk to the Tibetan villages. Then we will head east to Rilong, where beautiful Mt. Siguniang Shan is sutuated. Night at Rilong.


Mt. Balang Shan Pass

We will head above the main village to explore the mighty Balang Shan Pass. With luck, we might also find a covey of spectacular White Eared Pheasants or perhaps even a Chinese Monal Pheasant. Night at Rilong.


Mt. Balang Shan Pass

We will secondly search bird at Mt. Balang Shan Pass and this gives us a second chance to find more birds. Night at Rilong.



Today we will head south to City of Ya’an via Mt. Jiajing Shan and then make a turn to east back to Chengdu City, ending this fantastic birding journey in Western Sichuan.



The great range of environmental conditions in Sichuan makes a fabulously birds-rich region, home to the bulk of China’s endemic birds and the home of its Giant Pandas. On this exciting trip we will concentrate on seeing the endemic and near-endemic species. Although the wild mountainous terrain and torrential rivers have combine to keep the province isolated until relatively recently, today the rich diversity of habitats and a well-developed tourists infrastructure make Sichuan an appealing destination for a birding tour.