Mountaineering at Mt. Siguniang Shan


Arrive Chengdu



Today we head west to city of Ya’an, where we make a turn to north and then get to town of Baoxing. Night at Baoxing.



Leaving Baoxing, we take a road heading north and getting altitude rapidly to the pass of Mt. Jiajin Shan at 4,000m above sea level. After lunch at the pass we start to search the slopes with numerous alpine floras that is next to the pass. By evening we arrive at Rilong, staying there overnight.


Rilong- Laoniu Yuanzi

Today we walk along a path going through the wood on foot or on horse. This 12km journey takes about 7 hours. At about 4 p.m. we will reach Laoniu Yuanzi where we set up a camp by the side of a stream.


Laoniu Yuanzi-Dahaizi Lake-Laoniu Yuanzi

After breakfast we visit Dahaizi Lake that is 3 km away from Laoniu Yuanzi. Dahaizi Lake is a typical alpine lake at an altitude of 3800m, in which a species of non-scale fish lives. This trip gives some other time to accommodate the altitude.


Laoniu Yuanzi-Campsite One

We head to Camposite One at 4,500m above sea level just beneath the peak of “the Oldest Girl”. This trip takes about 4h30mins, in which we will enter the area of alpine meadow with various alpine floras like Meconopsis, Primula, cypripedium, Gentina, etc. this gives some time to get used to the altitude.


Campsite One-Peak of First Sister-Laoniu Yuanzi

We start our trip forwarding to the peak at 4:00 a.m.. by 10:00a.m. we reach the top at 5025m above sea level, on which we can the ever snow-capped summit of “Little Girl” standing at an altitude of 6025m in the north, picturing a superb view in front of us. By 12:00 a.m. we return to Campsite one and after lunch we go back to Campsite Laoniu Yuanzi, where we stay overnight in the tents.


Laoniu Yuanzi 0Baoxing

Today we return to Rilong and then take a bus back to Baoxing.


Baoxing – Chengdu

Today we return to Chengdu, ending this great journey of mountaineering at Mt. Siguniang Shan.


Depart Chengdu

Mt. SIguniang Shan is famed for its steep and imposing ridges. The high meadows are gorgeous throughout the four seasons. Hundreds of wildflowers burst forth in spring, giving way to luxuriant green trees and grass in summer. In the fall, the leaves on the trees blaze in color heralding the coming snows of winter. Because of the clear, blue sky, the thick forest at the foot of the mountains, the verdant grassland, and the murmuring streams, Siguniang Shan is sometimes know as the “Alps of the Orient”. You may, in fact, think you are in southern Europe. In this journey we will aim at the peak of the first girl at an altitude of 5,025m, on which you deep feel the excitement of hiking.