Operation Team

Zeng Gang: He has been in the tourism industry for more than 30 years and has never changed his profession. He was a tour guide who was good at guiding horse riding group, flower watching group and all China tour. After retiring from the tour guide, now he is mainly engaged in product planning and marketing. He has participated in Australia’s photo contest, and won the prize.
Huang Jing hj@tourtibet.com: She has been in the tourism industry for more than 20 years and has never changed her profession. She was a tour guide, good at guiding all China tour who keeps good relationship with the vendors all over the country. Now she works in the management of the operation team, cost control and the development of tour guides. Besides, She takes part in grand tourist exhibitions annually in America, Germany, Spain, etc, and keep good interaction with them.
May Cao May@tourtibet.com : From graduation till now, she has been working in this travel agency for years. She’s very familiar with various scenic spots, various cuisines, various hotels., Tell her your thought and she will design the line that make you satisfied。she has a strong sense of responsibility , patience and passion. she also likes to travel -- the world is so big. Let's go and have a look
Yiting Huang (Audrey) audrey@tourtibet.com: Audrey is the youngest and very experienced one in the team. she is a good trip advisor, operator and products designer. Audrey is a big fan of hiking and cuisine. She loves to find delicious food and the beauty in a new place while travelling. Always passionate on her working. She loves to talk to his clients and make fantastic travel products for clients. 
Crystal Zhou crystalzhou@tourtibet.com, a girl responsible and enthusiastic to tourism industry, is one of our excellent operator with many years relevant working experience. She is familiar with every group operating procedure and knows well about the scenic spots, routes. She always does her effort to provide you extremely satisfied service.