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> Exploration to the source of the three rivers 8 day tour
Tour Type : Classical
Departure : xining
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Overview :
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Day 1 arrive in Xining, check into the hotel
Day 2 xining---Gonghe---Maduo
After breakfast drive to Maduo, a grassland scenery of Maduo, the green and clear water of the Yellow River .
  Road condition:50km expressway from Xining to Huangyuan,470km nice road from Huangyuan to Maduo,about 7-8hours driving
  Science spot: Huangyuan gorge, Riyue mountain ,Daotang river
   Food: Gonghe town
   Stay :Hostel of Maduo government with bad condition
Day 3 Maduo-360km Yushu
After breakfast, drive to the source of the Yellow River to visit the yak- head monument, along the way, we can appreciate the beauty of known as sisters of  "the source of the Yellow River"------- the ZaLing Lake and Eling lake. After the first bridge,  arrived at the source of the Yellow River (80yuan for the ticket).  We can see the Tibetan antelope、Mongolian gazelle、Tibetan wild donkey running in the depopulated zone, if you are lucky you can even see the bear and wolves here. running Go over BaYanKaLa mountain (5100 M), appreciate the grassland and scenery of Yangtze river, mountain 、animals and plants.Return to Yushu after lunch
  Road condition: nice road condition about 360km in 5hours
  Science spot: the source of the Yellow River, the ZaLing Lake and Eling lake.
   Food: Maduo and Jiegu town
   Stay hotel in Yushu
Day 4 Yushu---20 km princess Wencheng Temple---40 km LebaGou 25 km--- Jiegu Temple
After breakfast ,visit Lebagou cliff painting, Lebagou cliff painting face to the river , and at the location of the entering place of Lebagou .Afternoon arrive to the Qinghai's largest SaJiaPa temple-Jiegu Temple (30yuan for the ticket)and visit the Xinzhai Mani Stones, It is said there are more than 20 hundred million stones here with different shape and sizes. Most of the things caved on the stones are related with the Tibetan Buddhism, the Tibetan people believe that the white stones are holy, and can bless them. 
  Relevant information
  Road condition: nice road condition from Yushu to all the science spots 3-hour driving
  Science spot: Lebagou cliff painting, Jiegu Temple, Xinzhai Mani Stones,
  Food: Jiegu town 
  Stay Jiegu hotel
Day 5 Yushu-Princess Wencheng temple-LongBaoTan-Yushu
Visit the Princess Wencheng Temple after the breakfast and then drive to the Longbaotan natural reserve(4200m high ,2hours visiting)the climate here is cold and wet with much rain belongs to the typical Alpine Swampy Meadows. There are many springs here , cut this area into many smell islands who forbid the animal enter. Many kinds of amphibians and reptiles and molluscs live in the springs. The unique environment privies a n excellent condition for the birds here. So ,every spring and summer time, many precious migratory birds come here ,especially the Tibetan Crane. According to statistics, there are about more than 100 Tibetan Cranes in our country while more than 40 live here.
  Road condition: nice road condition from Yushu to Longbaotan(90km) with about 2hours driving.
  Science spot: Princess Wencheng Temple, Longbaotan natural reserve, Batang Grassland
  Food; have lunch and dinner at Jiegu town
  Stay in Yushu
Day 6 Yushu--720 km--Gonghe
After breakfast, drive to Gonghe,on the way can appreciate Sanjiangyuan Natural Reserve. SanjiangYuan is the largest nature reserve and the highest elevation of the natural wetland in our country at present, on an average high of more than 4000 metres above sea level. The source known as "Chinese water tower", 25% of the total water of Yangtze river, 49% of Yellow River, 15% Lancang river come from this area.
  Road condition:Yushu—720km---Gonghe G214 nice road condition about 10-12 hours driving
  Science spot: no
  Food; have breakfast in the hotel, have lunch along the way,have dinner in Gonghe
  Stay in Gonghe hotel
Day 7 Gonghe-160km-Qinghai Lake-150km-Xining
Drive to the biggest salty lake of China----Qinghai Lake(100yuan for the ticket 10yuan for the electromobile,80yuan for the pleasure-boat ticket )visit the Daotang River. Return to Xining by passing the Riyue Mountain(45yuan for the ticket, about 30 minits).
  Road condition: Gonghe-160km-Qinghai LakeG214 G109–Xining with nice road condition
  Science spot: Qinghai Lake   Riyue Mountain 
  Food --- restaurant nearby the scienec spot and Xining restaurant
  Stay---Hotel in the Xining downtown
Day 8 see off at airport,end of service

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